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Safety Management In Schools

Are you in charge of running a school? Are you the person responsible for ensuring the safety of students and staff members?

Then arranging regular fire risk assessments is crucial to your role and the protection of those in your charge. Fire outbreaks are common at schools, with most being started deliberately. As such, it’s imperative that your procedures and equipment are up to date.

Here at UKSM, we specialise in providing all essential electrical and fire safety servicing to both private and public sectors. The potential for a fire outbreak is something you should always be prepared for, with the necessary precautions in place to keep everyone safe. That’s where we can help.

Our fire risk assessments are comprehensive, covering all elements, from fire doors to fire alarms and safety training. We conduct all assessments in line with fire regulations for schools, ensuring that your school is fully compliant with all legislative requirements. Our fire risk assessments are affordably priced, too, so they won’t leave a massive hole in your school’s budget.

As a trusted name with nationwide coverage, you can be confident that we’ll provide you with a friendly, fast, and efficient service wherever your school is. Phone UK Safety Management (UKSM) on 03330163622 to get started.

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Safety Risks in Schools

Fire outbreaks in schools can cause a serious threat to life and be hugely disruptive for pupils and staff members. Not only that, but a fire can cause extensive and irreparable damage to the school property. Sadly, there is no way to mitigate the risk of a fire outbreak completely, but you can take steps to dramatically lower the chances of a fire occurring with a school fire safety management plan.

Note that around 70% of fires in schools are deliberately set, according to Firesafe. For this reason, schools must ensure that their fire safety management plans are up to date. In October 2006, it became mandatory under the Regulatory Reform Order for any person responsible for a non-domestic building to ensure regular fire risk assessments are carried out.

This includes measures to reduce or eliminate the risk of fire while identifying persons most at risk in the event of a fire. While there’s no set requirement on how often these checks should be carried out, we at UKSM recommend carrying them out regularly as a precaution.

The UKSM team can take care of all aspects of your fire risk assessment, from detailing fire drills to conducting safety training and checking your fire alarms. This last part is especially important as fire alarms play a vital role in alerting you to a potential fire so you can immediately vacate the building.

Rest assured that our team will leave no stone unturned, ensuring the safety of your pupils and staff members.

Fire Risk Assessments in Schools

By law, you’re required to schedule a fire risk assessment of your school if you haven’t done so already. Fire risk assessments are used as a foundation for making improvements to school safety. The goal is to improve fire procedures in schools, ensuring that the necessary precautions are in place to protect students and members of staff during a fire outbreak.

Here are a few of the main aims of carrying out a fire risk assessment for schools:

  • Identify Fire Hazards and Minimise the Likelihood of An Outbreak
  • Reduce The Risk of Those Hazards Causing Harm to As Low as Reasonably Practicable
  • Decide What Physical Fire Precautions and Management Arrangements Are Necessary
  • A Risk Assessment Will Help You Ensure That Your Fire Safety Procedures, Fire Prevention Measures, and Fire Precautions Are All in Place and Working Correctly

Through any fire risk assessment, our team look at measures to reduce or eliminate the risk of fire. We’ll also identify any persons most at risk during a fire, such as those with disabilities. We’ll work with your school to draw up a fire safety management plan that includes a plan of action to follow in the event of a fire outbreak.

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At UKSM, we follow an in-depth checklist to ensure that all fire safety checks are completed to the fullest. This includes servicing fire alarms and detailing regular fire drills to ensure that occupants can evacuate quickly and without issue.

What Fire Regulations Are Needed Within Schools?

Fire safety management in schools falls under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order (2005). Under these regulations, fire safety precautions in schools must be adhered to in order to ensure the protection of pupils, members of staff, and visitors. These regulations govern the occurrence of school fires and any associated damages.

For this reason, it’s essential to have all preventative measures in place alongside a fire safety policy. Any school found to be in breach of the Regulatory Reform Order (2005) could face notices, fines, or penalties, depending on the severity of the violation.

The Regulatory Reform Order (2005) applies to ALL educational establishments, including:

  • Nursery Schools
  • Primary Schools
  • Secondary Schools
  • Academies
  • Free Schools
  • Special Schools
  • Pupil Referral Units

Any new buildings must conform to ‘Building Bulletin 100: Design for Safety in Schools’. Within this guide are all the safety elements that must be included when adding any new structures.

For existing buildings, the Regulatory Reform Order (2005) outlines the necessary procedures all educational institutions must undertake to ensure the safety of students and staff members. This includes:

  • Risk Assessments – risk assessments must be carried out by educational institutions to identify any fire risks and hazards. The findings of these assessments must then be acted upon.
  • Safety Training – any available training must be provided to staff members and students, ensuring their awareness of what to do and where to meet following an evacuation.
  • Protection Systems – fire detection and alarm systems must be checked and confirmed as functional.
  • Precautions – all fire precautions must be regularly checked and updated, ensuring they are current and adequate for the protection of life.

Risk Assessment and Fire Doors

Risk assessments are a necessity. Not only does a risk assessment serve to identify fire risks and hazards, but it provides the framework for creating a plan to protect against those hazards. Fire risk assessments should be comprehensive and should cover a range of areas, including:

  • The Type of Doors Installed and Whether These Should be Replaced with Fire Doors
  • What Equipment is Present, such as Bunsen Burners, That Might Cause a Fire
  • Any Damage That Could Impede an Evacuation
  • Any Other Issues That Could Pose a Safety Risk, such as Faulty Wiring or Open Sockets
  • Signage for Clear, Unimpeded Instructions on Where Exits and Evacuation Points Are

Upon identifying any risks or hazards, the next step is to use the findings of a risk assessment to help create a fire safety management plan. A critical aspect of any plan is to ensure that suitable fire doors are installed in key areas to facilitate evacuation or provide additional protection.

Having the correct rated fire doors will play a massive role in saving lives. Not only do fire safety doors provide an easy exit route away from a fire, but they are also fire-resistant. They can effectively hold back the smoke, flames, and heat for 30 minutes or more, reducing the spread of a fire. This not only protects students and staff members but minimises the damage and makes it easier for the fire services to tackle the blaze.

These doors must be sealed all the way around and should be checked for any gaps or damage to the hinges or seals. Ongoing fire risk assessments cover these checks.

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