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Fire Risk Assessment: Why You Need One

It is so important to ensure that everyone in a building stays safe, which is why undertaking a fire risk assessment is essential. It is not essential by law, but it can also reveal to you any hazards, make you aware of obstacles in the way of vulnerable people’s safety and can help you create […]

2 weeks ago

New Law For Landlords & Fixed Wire Testing

New laws for landlords are coming into play all the time and if you do own your own property, you need to be aware of them. During 2020 and 2021, a new law in England came into effect about fixed wire testing, creating a level playing field for all landlords. This was implemented to make […]

3 weeks ago

The Different Types of Asbestos Surveys

Asbestos can be seriously harmful, making carrying out asbestos surveys on both domestic and commercial buildings essential as it saves lives. Because of its widespread use from the 1800s to 1999 and especially between 1950 to the 1970s, Britain sees up to 5,000 asbestos-related deaths per year. Although this material is a cheap and effective […]

1 month ago

A Landlord’s Guide to Energy Performance (EPC) Certificates

An EPC certificate and EPC rating are hugely important if you are a landlord. It can vastly affect how much your property is worth, how much it costs to run and how popular it will be when renting it out to tenants. With the law and government guidelines changing over the past year, all existing […]

1 month ago

Christmas Fire Safety: Tips for the Workplace

The end of the year brings so much festive fun to everyone’s lives and this includes the workplace, which is Christmas fire safety is extremely important. Because of all the decorations, ornaments, lights and of course the Christmas tree that brightens up the office, fire hazards are much more likely to occur.  It isn’t all […]

2 months ago

Why Fire Safety Awareness is Important For Retail Stores This Christmas

At this time of year, it’s always important to think about Christmas fire safety and fire safety awareness is especially important if you manage or work at a retail store. These types of stores are fantastic at putting on seasonal displays and having magnificent Christmas decorations, but along with all these extra things come more […]

2 months ago

99 Things You Need To Know About Office Health And Safety

  This blog will give you EVERYTHING you NEED to know about office health and safety. Filter through and find health and safety areas that fit you to make sure that you aren’t breaking any health and safety laws. Index:  Health and Safety Legislation and Regulations Different Working Environments Most Common Workplace Injuries Most Common Office […]

11 months ago

What Is A Fire Risk Assessment And Who Is Responsible?

  If you’re responsible for a building, it’s critical that you do all you can to reduce the risk of a fire as this is your legal duty to do so. Not only does this save lives, but it also saves you money in the long-term if the worst ever happens. A fire risk assessment […]

11 months ago

UK Landlord Health and Safety Guide – Houses, Flats and HMO’s

  Disclaimer: UK Safety Management aren’t qualified to give legal advice, you should always get professional advice within legal matters Whether you have just started or are considering starting out as a landlord, working out what legal obligations you have can be a real difficulty. We decided to do the research and create a complete […]

11 months ago

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