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If you own a commercial property, you’re looking to buy one or you’re a tenant or managing agent of one, you may be responsible for managing any asbestos on the property. Without an asbestos survey you won’t know if there is asbestos in the property and therefore if you are responsible for managing it or not.


The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 sets out the responsibilities of managing asbestos in any property that is in a non-domestic property or premises.

Asbestos was finally banned in the UK in late 1999, asbestos was used in buildings for around 200 years before that and therefore there is a high chance that if you are looking to buy an older property, there will be asbestos present.

Our experienced asbestos surveyors are accredited and fully qualified to carry out surveys. We are experienced in carrying out asbestos surveys within a vast range of building types. We carry out asbestos surveys within all building types – residential, commercial, and industrial properties.


What is the purpose of an asbestos survey?

The main purpose of an asbestos survey is to identify any potential asbestos within any building to keep the occupants of that building safe as asbestos can cause health issues. Any commercial property or building that was built between the years 1850 and 1999 may be at risk of containing asbestos materials which have now been banned for property use. 

The job of our asbestos surveyors is to inspect your premises or property for any asbestos-containing materials so that we are able to inform you and remove it. Asbestos materials can’t always be identified by eye since they are sometimes microscopic meaning that only a trained professional can identify these materials. The materials that may contain asbestos include roofing materials, floor tiles and window caulks. If the asbestos surveyor suspects that there is asbestos in the material of the building, a sample will be taken and analysed for further investigation, as at UK Safety Management, our key mission is to keep you and your business safe. 

Who is responsible for carrying out asbestos surveys?

Health and safety regulations state that asbestos servicing of non-domestic property needs to be carried out or undertaken by the owner of that property. This does not mean that you have to do it yourself if you do not know how to carry out an asbestos survey. It simply means that you are responsible for making sure that it gets checked properly, whether that be by yourself, or through employing a qualified asbestos surveyor who can carry out the survey on your behalf. Either way, the survey needs to be carried out by someone who is qualified to check for asbestos and knowing how to deal with it so people living or working in the building can be kept safe. 

Are there any health risks associated with asbestos?

It is known that over 5000 people die yearly from living or working in a building infested with asbestos. If younger people are exposed to asbestos for a prolonged period of time, they are known to develop harmful diseases later in life that can go on to kill them. Since it can take between 15-60 years for any symptoms to present themself, it’s up to property owners to ensure that their premises are kept asbestos free to keep their occupants safe and asbestos free. 

Asbestos was a popular material to use in commercial properties and buildings until 1999 when the material was banned for harmful effects, meaning that if the building you own was built on or before this period, you should get a comprehensive asbestos survey from a professional servicer. 

Will a licensed contractor be needed to remove/work on asbestos in building premises?

If the application control and management system needs to be removed, encapsulated or sealed, you will need to employ a licensed asbestos professional to come and remove and inspect the asbestos properly. We would always advise to employ the help of someone who is trained in surveying for asbestos to ensure maximum safety for all occupants of the building, especially if it is a high-risk building such as a large office, block of flats or a large commercial premises. 

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There are two types of asbestos survey: management asbestos surveys and refurbishment and demolition asbestos surveys.

The first is used to manage buildings that contain asbestos, to ensure it does not cause harm to anyone. The second aims to refurbish or destroy a building or part of a building, which will involve a thorough assessment and work that tends to be more intrusive.

If you discover asbestos you need to stop work immediately and leave the area. Put up appropriate signage to ensure no one else will come into contact with the asbestos. Report what you have found to your supervisor, site manager or customer.

Yes, asbestos in the home is dangerous, so you should never disturb it or come into contact with it. Asbestos fibres are incredibly harmful, causing tumours and a cancer called mesothelioma.

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