Fire Risk Assessment

From 1st October 2006 The Regulatory Reform Order requires the responsible person of any non domestic premises to carry out a fire risk assessment, including measures to reduce or eliminate the risk of fire and identify persons at risk.


Legislation doesn’t state a precise frequency for conducting a fire risk assessment however Article 9, (3) of The Regulatory Reform Order states that it needs to be kept up to date and done again if there has been significant change to the environment.

As most changes within the workplace can seem minor UK Safety Management would always recommend carrying out fire risk assessments annually to keep your business safe.

On completion of the assessment we issue a written document detailing the findings and any actions required. As we understand the importance of these documents we aim to process and distribute these within 72 hours. An electronic copy is also available upon request.

How Often Should a Fire Risk Assessment be Carried Out and How Long are They Valid For?

A fire risk assessment should be renewed annually, and it should be redone by a professional every 4 years as recommended by The Local Government Association. For properties above 3 stories, fire risk assessments are recommended to be reviewed on a yearly basis and redone every 3 years as they are a higher risk than other commercial properties. 

Who is Responsible For Completing a Fire Risk Assessment

The person responsible for the building or premises is also responsible for carrying out the fire risk assessment, whether that be yourself or employing a reliable safety management company to conduct it for you. According to the Government, you must also keep a written record of your fire risk assessment findings if your business has more than 5 employees. 

Identify the fire hazards.

The Steps in a Fire Risk Assessment:

  1. Identify who may be at risk

  2. Properly evaluate the risk and remove them

  3. Take down your findings 

  4. Prepare an emergency plan and give employees training 

  5. Update the fire risk assessment regularly to keep your business safe 


Who Needs Fire Risk Assessment?

Every business should be investing in proper fire assessment methods to keep their business and the workers inside it safe. 

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Yes. In the UK, you are legally required to have a fire risk assessment of your building. It’s needed to identify fire risks and hazards for the safety of every occupant or employee.

The owner, managing agent or an employee can be responsible for completing a fire risk assessment. They need to be a competent and responsible person, who is up-to-date with fire risk assessment procedures and can be trusted to fully carry them out.

A fire risk assessment needs to be performed annually by a competent person and then by a professional every 3 to 4 years.

Annual fire risk assessments are valid for 12 months. Professional fire risk assessments will be valid for 4 years, from the date they are assessed.

However, professional assessments of domestic buildings over 3 stories will only be valid for 3 years, as they are considered a higher risk than commercial buildings.

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