Fire Alarm Servicing


Fire Alarm Maintenance and Servicing

Fire alarms are an essential part of any workplace or property. Fire alarms allow people in a building to be notified immediately if there are any dangers at large and they need to vacate the premises. This can only happen if the fire alarms in place are in good working order, and work on demand in pressured situations such as the event of a fire. It is no use having fire alarms that do not work, have not been tested, or are faulty due to a lack of maintenance. At UK Safety Management we offer fire alarm testing services to keep your employees or workers safe so they can go about their day without any safety fears. 

Fire alarm tests are required under the regulatory standards reform order in order to service and maintain your fire alarm system to certify it remains in working order in accordance with BS 5839. Fire alarm inspections should include ensuring the battery within the fire alarm panel is in full working order, all detectors and call points activate when required and sounders emit the correct level of audibility throughout the building, keeping everyone in the building safe through regular fire alarm checks. 


Fire Alarm Monitoring

Alongside the weekly and monthly fire alarm tests that are usually carried out by the responsible person it is recommended that a full fire alarm service is conducted at intervals not greater than 6 months. This maintenance test should be carried out by a competent safety person to ensure it is done safely and correctly so no issues are uncovered later down the line, when you need reliability the most .

Our fire alarm technicians use specialised equipment to activate both heat and smoke detectors easily without the risk of contamination to the system. Our teams are equipped with a wide range of test equipment to ensure we can service any fire alarm system.

All fire alarm technicians attend regular CPD certified training sessions to ensure we remain up to date with any regulatory changes in the industry.

We offer a no false testing guarantee at UK Safety Management so you will know when you really have to respond to a safety alert from the fire alarm. A faulty alarm system can mean employees become complacent when they hear a fire alarm so it’s essential that your alarms work properly so that your employees know when to respond to a true safety alert.


Is Fire Alarm Testing a Legal Requirement 

Appropriate fire alarms are required to be fitted in every business across the UK. fire alarms don’t just have to be fitted, but they have to be tested and maintained properly to comply with nationwide regulations. As well as committing to six monthly inspections (at a minimum), you are legally required to carry out weekly fire alarm tests, too, keeping your employees safe at all times.


UK Safety Management Remedial Works

Once alarm testing is complete we issue a report which will incorporate any malfunctions or recommendations of remedial work required.

At UK Safety Management we offer free quotes for any remedial works on your premises. If one of our expert engineers finds anything that needs to be rectified for remedial works, we offer a free no obligation quote for this. This service is available on all the services that we offer, so feel free to speak to your expert advisor today, or contact us on 0844 800 4180.


Fire Alarm Servicing Near You

At UK Safety Management we employ over 100 quality engineers across the UK, so wherever your business is located, we have a fire alarm testing service and maintenance service near you. Fill out our quote form today to get a quick and easy quote on the service you require and we can give you a call or you can book now for our fire alarm testing and maintenance services. 

Our Accreditations


Every 6 months. Under the British Standard BS 5839, after fire alarms have been installed a competent person needs to maintain them through fire alarm testing and inspections, reporting and fixing any faults and issues.

A competent person can service a fire service system. This can be either the fire warden at your company or a fire alarm service engineer, who is a fully qualified person that you can contract in to do the work.

For landlords, fire alarms are a legal requirement and for commercial buildings, they need an ‘appropriate fire detection system’. Most businesses will need fire alarms because of this, although there can be some exceptions.

An electrician can install a fire alarm system if they are competent, understand the British Standards and regulations and are fully qualified to do so. In most cases, a fire alarm servicing engineer would be a more qualified and competent person to install a fire alarm system.

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