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Are you searching for a proven team that is available for fire risk assessment solutions? Newcastle clients, look no further, as you’ve now found the experts at UK Safety Management! We’re the number one team for site owners who need to have a professional fire risk assessment completed. Our team works closely with all clients to ensure that the assessment we complete is suitable for their needs. Below, you’ll find further information on the exhaustive fire risk assessment services that we deliver. 

Why Do You Need a Fire Risk Assessment?

When it comes to fire safety, it is vital to identify potential fire hazards to prevent accidents and ensure the safety of occupants. A fire risk assessment allows us to evaluate these hazards and assess their risk level systematically. Based on this assessment, you can then develop and implement effective evacuation plans that will enable a swift and safe evacuation in the event of a fire. 

Identify Fire Hazards

A fire risk assessment is crucial in identifying potential fire hazards in a property. In Newcastle, our team at UK Safety Management is well-equipped to perform thorough assessments to mitigate fire risks. We can identify hazards such as faulty wiring, flammable materials, inadequate fire safety measures, and improper storage of combustible substances by assessing the property. 

Additionally, our experts provide property training to educate clients on fire safety protocols and prevention techniques. This includes proper usage of fire extinguishers and evacuation procedures. With our comprehensive approach, we aim to create a safe environment and minimise the risk of fire incidents in Newcastle and beyond. 

Evaluate Risk Levels

Conducting a fire risk assessment is vital to guarantee the safety of our clients and adhere to regulatory standards. At UK Safety Management, we recognise the significance of fire safety and the requirement to evaluate risk levels. 

Our team in Newcastle specialises in carrying out thorough fire risk assessments for properties of all sizes. We offer comprehensive services, including property training and the installation of fire protection equipment such as extinguishers. Our experts have extensive experience in identifying potential fire hazards and assessing their risk levels. 

By conducting these assessments, we can assist our clients in implementing effective fire safety measures and reducing the likelihood of a fire incident. Our objective is to ensure the highest level of safety for our clients and their properties. 

What Is the Process for a Fire Risk Assessment?

Several important factors need to be considered when carrying out a fire risk assessment. Our team take a comprehensive approach, ensuring that all of the most important aspects of fire safety are checked extensively. The stages of our fire risk assessments are outlined below: 

Identify Individuals at Risk

In a fire risk assessment, it is vital to identify individuals who may be at risk. Regardless of their role or familiarity with the premises, everyone is potentially at risk from fire. However, certain groups of people are particularly vulnerable, such as night staff, visitors, customers, children, the elderly, and disabled individuals. 

It is essential to consider these factors when carrying out a fire risk assessment to ensure the safety of all occupants. Appropriate measures can be implemented to minimise potential hazards and safeguard those at higher risk by identifying and understanding the specific needs and risks associated with each group. 

Assess and Act 

To guarantee the safety of all occupants, it is vital to assess and take appropriate action as part of the fire risk assessment process. This involves evaluating the escape routes, ensuring an adequate number, and planning and marking them. 

It is essential to consider how people will safely navigate their way out, even in conditions with low visibility. Furthermore, the necessity for a fire alarm system, fire exit signs, and emergency lighting should be determined. 

Provide Efficient Evacuation Plans

After the completion of a fire risk assessment, our team will be able to focus on providing effective evacuation plans to ensure the safety of our clients and their properties. Our experienced professionals will work closely with you to develop customised evacuation plans, considering your buildings’ specific layouts and requirements. We will identify safe evacuation routes, designate assembly points, and provide clear instructions on how to exit the premises safely in the event of a fire. 

Other Services We Provide

In addition to our fire risk assessment services in Newcastle, we also offer a range of over services including: 
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Fire Alarm Testing 
Fire Extinguisher Servicing 
Asbestos Surveys
Energy Performance Certificates 
Emergency Light Testing 
Electrical Installation & Maintenance Services

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How Often Should Fire Risk Assessments Be Conducted?

It is a legal requirement for UK site owners to have a fire risk assessment completed, but the frequency depends on the property type. By conducting fire risk assessments annually, you can proactively identify and address any changes or new risks that may have emerged on your premises. Regular assessment allows for identifying and managing potential fire hazards, ensuring that necessary measures are in place to prevent fires and safeguard lives and property. 

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