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Do you require a team of professionals to complete emergency light testing? Southampton site owners, look no further, as you have now found the experts at UK Safety Management!

We are the go-to contractor for clients that need to have testing completed on their emergency lights. Our team works closely with all clients, making sure that their emergency lighting testing needs are met in full. 

We are always willing to discuss our emergency light testing solutions at length, so be sure to get in touch if you have any specific queries. Call our specialists now at 033 3016 3691, or fill out our online contact form, and we will reply shortly. Below, you will find further information on the excellent emergency light testing and other safety-based services that we offer to property owners in Southampton. 

Benefits of Regular Emergency Light Testing

At UK Safety Management, regular emergency light testing brings numerous advantages to your business. By ensuring that all emergency signs and lights are fully operational, we prioritise the safety of occupants during critical situations like power outages or fires. 

Our comprehensive testing process guarantees compliance with safety standards, allowing for the timely detection and resolution of potential issues. This proactive approach minimises costly repairs and legal liabilities. With our expert training, your employees can perform regular checks, contributing to the overall preparedness of your building and safeguarding everyone within it. 

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Emergency Light Testing Process in Southampton 

In Southampton, UK Safety Management offers a thorough emergency lighting testing process to keep your building safe and compliant. Our expert engineers conduct comprehensive checks, examining the functionality of all emergency lighting systems. 

We replace or charge batteries as needed and maintain detailed records in your internal testing logbooks. Identified issues are promptly addressed with suitable solutions. Upon completion, we issue an emergency lighting certificate, affirming your compliance with legal requirements. With our meticulous approach, you can trust that your emergency lights will be ready to guide occupants to safety when needed. 

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Choosing a Professional Emergency Light Testing Service 

When selecting an emergency lighting testing service, professionalism and expertise are paramount. At UK Safety Management, we boast over 15 years of trusted service and are SafeContractor-approved and NICEIC-accredited. Our 135 qualified engineers provide UK-wide support, ensuring efficient and prompt assistance. 

With transparent pricing and no hidden costs, we prioritise customer satisfaction. By adhering to safety standards and legal requirements, we deliver comprehensive solutions for over 85,000 sites. Choose our reliable and dedicated team to safeguard your business and occupants during emergencies. 

Our Southampton Emergency Lighting Testing Service

In Southampton, UK Safety Management offers expert emergency lighting testing services. Our meticulous process involves comprehensive checks, ensuring the operational capability of your emergency light. Our skilled engineers replace or charge batteries as needed, and all details are recorded in internal testing logbooks. 

With our prompt solutions, any identified issues are addressed promptly. We issue emergency lighting certificates to affirm compliance with regulations. Our team is committed to delivering first-class service to every site owner in Southampton that reaches out to us for safety management services. 

How Often Should Emergency Lights Be Tested?

UK Safety Management follows the guidelines outlined in BS 5266–1:2016 for emergency lighting testing frequency. We recommend monthly short, functional tests and annual full-rated duration tests. These regular tests ensure that your emergency lighting system remain fully operational and capable of providing crucial illumination during emergencies. 

Specific testing frequencies may also depend on the regulations relevant to your particular industry or location. Our proactive approach ensures the safety of occupants and minimises potential risks by addressing any issues promptly. 

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