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LED Office Lighting - Savings Calculator

We've devised a simple calculator that allows you to quickly work out the potential annual electricity savings by converting to LED office lighting.

The blue boxes below need your input, grey boxes can also be changed to more accurately calculate the savings potential, but we've based these on our own usage and costs prior to us converting to LED lighting ourselves.

I have fixtures, which are on for an average of hours per week.

Currently my electric costs £ per kilowatt hour.

My current system uses watts per fixture.

The proposed system uses watts per fixture.


Your current system costs £ per year.

Our LED lighting system would cost you just £ per year in electricity.

Each fixture would save you £

Saving you a grand total of £ every year.

Call us now for a price on 0844 371 0169

So, if each new fitting cost me £ using only my energy savings above, I would get my full investment back in

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